Backlink: What is an incoming link?

Backlinks will have no more secrets for you!

Defining an BackLink

An incoming link also called backlink is a text or a clickable image that redirects to your web site. For a text link, it will be called a hyperlink.

What is the use of incoming links?

The backlinks have several utilities for your website:

  • They generate a source of visit for your site from another website. So a source of additional traffic and more visits
  • They improve the positioning of your website in the search engines under certain conditions

How is an incoming link composed?

1- Incoming hypertext links

<a href="" target="_blank" title="title of anchor" rel="follow">title of anchor</a>

Let's detail our example

  • The URL link is the href tag. Put the link of your site or an internal page between the quotes.
  • The Title tag: displays the text in a rollover but is not relevant for SEO.
  • The link anchor (called anchor text in the example) is very important. These keywords allow Google to qualify your site on this phrase and improve its position in Google.
  • The tag target: with the parameter _blank, one opens on other tab when one clicks on the link.
  • The rel attribute can be considered as a guarantee that a link is given. By specifying the follow value, Google is told that the site is reliable and can follow it, and with the nofollow value tell Google not to follow this link. A blacklink nofollow brings no interest in the positioning of a website.

1- Incoming links type image or banner

<a href="" target="_blank" title="title of anchor" rel="follow"><img src="" width="120" height="120" alt="text of image"/></a>

The inbound banner link is identical to the hyperlink with the Alt tag in addition.

  • The Alt tag allows you to tell Google what is in the image, it is as important as the link's anchor.

Google and Inbound Links

Incoming quality links are among the most important criteria for positioning your website in 1st place.

What is a quality inbound link?

An inbound link of quality must:

  • From a site with good popularity for Google
  • From a site with the same theme

Should we favor inbound links?

The answer is of course YES, but following the following rules:

  • Build inbound links correctly
  • Use quality sites
  • Diversify the texts of anchors and do not put the same as the name of the page

How to find inbound links in my topic?

This is the role of Tap Tap SEO. You help to find partners to place quality anchors, thanks to its network of free thematic directories. You refer free to your websites on the thematic directories and you define your strategy of exchange of links on each referenced link.

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